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Album Review: Toodar/The October Game - Flash Floods and Wildfire Split EP

Toodar and The October Game have come together to create more of a collaborative piece than simply a split EP. Demonstrated quite brilliantly in opening track ‘Flash Floods And Wildfire’, a song that sees the two bands come together to co-write. Taking the electronic elements of Toodar and introducing these effortlessly to The October Game’s slow build of folk rock, with the two lead vocalists taking an equal role with - as you can expect - delicious vocals.

Things then get back to normal proceedings, with The October Game ‘Boxing Underwater’. The track builds with heavy pulses and a delicate vocal from Luke Williams, before guitars enter the arrangement along with a deep bass and pulsing beat. These lads effortlessly bring together elements from folk and Americana while introducing electronics which really help to keep this band well clear of obvious comparisons while creating quite stunning harmonies.

Toodar are up next with ‘Jack In The Box’ and offer up a more electronically lead delivery. The plucked guitar over synth leads in all directions to the assumption of indie-electro, however this band avoid obvious pigeonholes, lead from the front by some almost soulful vocals from lead singer Tom Grundy.

Proceedings then take an interesting turn, with The October Game covering ‘Ten Paces’, originally by Toodar. The October Game replace the originally synth driven track and replace this with delicate plucks and a hammering drum which really offer The October Games stamp on a great track. Toodar step up next and close the EP with their cover of ‘Woodrush’, speeding up the tempo slightly with electronic elements really drive this track with a smooth, progressive build reminiscent of Death Cab For Cutie.

‘Flash Floods and Wildfire’ is a really interesting and effortlessly successful approach to creating a split EP. The lesser informed would probably have no idea the last two tracks were respective covers, both bands have taken the tracks, stripped them back and approached them from their own angle, making this split release such a success.


‘Flash Floods And Wildfire’ by Toodar/The October Game is released on June 27th on Scylla Records.

More information can be found at

Toodar on MySpace, Facebook & Twitter
The October Game on MySpace and Facebook

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