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ATP! Label Profile: Alcopop Records

In the latest of our ongoing 'Label Profile' series feature, we spoke to Jack Clothier from Oxford-based label, Alcopop Records.

Since its formation in 2006, the label has worked with bands such as Data.Select.Party, Wolf Am I, and The Candle Thieves. With its current roster consisting of Johnny Foreigner, Jumping Ships, The Attika State, My First Tooth, Screaming Maldini, and Ute.

Year Founded: 2006
We were founded physically in the hazy Autumn of 2006, but the process all started going in our minds some 6 months earlier. Took us a while to gamble the necessary funds needed for our first release though!

First Release: 'Emily' by Encyclopedia on handmade, limited edition 3” CD – the first of our kick off year’s singles club. We’re upto Alcopop047 now – it seems a long time ago!

Latest Releses: We've given ourselves a blissful month off in June (first and last this year), but July comes in strong with 'Alcopop050' branded jacket and compilation, and new Ute single. August will see LightGuides mini-album, and new Jumping Ships EP - with a Johnny Foreigner release, summer party and NBA Jam tournament all thrown in too!

5 Essential Releases: Always tough to pick, but pivotal moments in Alcopop history include:
'Alcopopular 3: The Message in a Bottle Compilation'
Johnny Foreigner - 'You Thought You Saw' EP
My First Tooth - 'Territories'
Ute - 'The Gambler' EP
The Attika State - 'Measures'
Stagecoach - 'Crash My Ride'

Number of Releases: We’re upto 47 and will have Alcopop050 hitting the stores by the summer… Jesus, we’re getting old..

Current Roster: Johnny Foreigner, The Attika State, Ute, Stagecoach, Freeze the Atlatntic, Screaming Maldini, My First Tooth and Jumping Ships.

Why did you form Alcopop?
Much like when you’ve first passed your driving test and you’re dead keen to give everyone a lift so you can blast them with your mix tapes you spent hours carefully crafting. Like that really, we wanted to show off some of the awesome music that was being created in the UK, and lavish a little creative flair here and there. That and the fact we wanted to grow fat on massive profits, retire aged 26 to a beach paradise to spend our days with cocktails, cash and concubines. I’m 28 now and still living the DIY dream. It’s better. Honest!

How did you come up with the name Alcopop?
We both grew up in the late 90s/early 00s – an era defined by unequivocal enthusiasm for all things life, the feeling that gigs, playing in bands was the most important thing in the world and Hooch Lemon. Alcopop! Kinda summed up that passion for us - all fizzy, tasty and a little bit bad for you. Plus it was the name of Midget’s first mini album – which is, in my eyes, perhaps the greatest slab of Indie PoP ever committed to vinyl (rivaling Symposium’s One Day at a Time).

Why should people take an interest in Alcopop?
I always think that no one owes us any interest or loyalty. Our job (and that of our bands) is to do stuff that’s so exciting and awesome that people can’t help but look, love and get involved. We always try to make our releases exciting, chat with everyone who wants in (AKA Team PoP!) and basically try to show people an ace time. Hopefully that breeds interest and mutual love!

What are your future plans for Alcopop?
Continue to find the best alternative bands in the country, work with people we love and give all of Team PoP! as many excuses as possible to come to shows and festivals, rock out and indulge in an Alcopop or two. That and prove all the ‘indie labels are dead’ doom merchants wrong! The last 12 months have been awesome for us, and we’re all fired up to make that continue. Before the end of 2015 we hope to be sponsoring Gretna 2008 (once Gretna FC), have worked with Helen Love - and raised enough in the kitty to fund Kev’s long-term project – the musical ‘Cool Runnings on Ice’. You too can be part of this dream!

Further information on Alcopop Records can be found at

Alcopop Records on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

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