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ATP! Label Profile: Toast Office Records

A year ago to this date Toast Office Records started their venture in DIY music through running shows and building up a repertoire of bands through their record label which helps promote and showcase Independent bands and musicians in Ireland. Based in Dublin, Co-founders Kieran O’ Driscoll and Stephen Lyons continue to build up the label and leave a lasting impression on the ever growing Irish music scene.

Year founded: April 2010

First Release: Etcha - Never Weaken E.P. (Dec 2010) 

Latest Release: Etcha - Never Weaken E.P. (Dec 2010)

Upcoming/Planned Releases: 
Garret Moore - Aggy's Rest (April 2011) - First album from Dublin based singer-songwriter.
Wyvern Lyngo - The Archives (Summer 2011)
Wunderbra - S/T Album
Etcha - Heat and the Rain 3-track tape/single (Summer 2011)

5 Essential Releases:
We only have one so far, Etcha's new E.P., but check out for free downloads of samples from all our upcoming releases, as well as past releases from our bands. Etcha are an amazing power-pop band, and we loved helping them release their E.P., check them out!

Number of Releases:
One so far, with one coming at the end of April and many more before the end of the year.

Current Roster:
Etcha, Garret Moore, Kate's Party, Lisa Celine, Middle Class Disaster, Sam Marcus, Scavengers, Slaughterfish, Wunderbra, and Wyvern Lyngo.

How did you come up with the name Toast Office Records?
The name came from a time Stephen was living in a house with some friends in Killiney in Dublin. One of our roommates stuck up a poster in the bathroom that had a cartoon of girl yelling "All Hail The Toast Office!" on it. The Toast Office then became the name of the house we lived in. Soon after that, we started putting gigs on in our sitting room and recording bands in our bedrooms. So when he left that house and started the label, he felt it was a tribute to the place that really helped the label become what it is today.

Why should people take an interest in Toast Office Records?
We don't only cater to our love of punk rock, our label features bands from many different genres, all trying different things. The diverse range of acts should have something for everyone!

What are your future plans for Toast Office Records?
We want is to continue what we're doing right now and to keep the releases coming. We're always trying to expand the label and try to get a wider audience, hence all the different genres. But our morals are there, that we believe in cheap, yet great quality music, in all productions. The past year has been a great start for the label, with so much in the pipeline that we just can't help but get excited for the future of Toast Office Records.

Toast Office Records on Bandcamp, BigCartel, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Words by Laura-May Fox

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