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William Beckett Speaks Out About The Academy Is.. Line-Up Changes

A new interview with William Beckett of The Academy Is… speaking about the band's new album and recent line-up changes can be read here.

From the interview:

"It’s a divide, you know, it’s basically just a natural progression of people at different places in their lives with different goals. And there’s absolutely no animosity. We’ve known it was coming for a while; we took some time after that tour to decompress and sort of reevaluate ourselves and where we were going to head with the record and what we wanted exactly. We had written a bunch of songs on that tour that we liked a lot.

Basically, we came to a crossroads in our lives: Michael got married and he wanted to focus on production and co-writing, and to be honest, he came into the band on [2007’s] Santi to help us progress in sound and help us finish that record. So it’s kind of a natural thing for him to move on. Particularly with the nucleus of our band, the writing has always come from Mike [Carden] and I.

As far as Andy goes, he really just wants to focus on the Animal Upstairs and being the captain of his own ship. We support him, and I’ll always be his biggest fan. He’s a great artist, he’s a great friend. Our friendship [has] actually only gotten stronger recently through the phone calls and conversations of getting to this point. For us, it was important that it didn’t come off like there was any drama. Sorry to say, but it’s not a big, sexy story."

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