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Album Review: Farewell Flight - Out Of Blood

From the moment Farewell Flight inserted a [Morgan Freeman Narrative] into their press release I was quite certain I was going to enjoy my first listen to their new album ‘Out For Blood’. In many ways because I appreciate a genuinely funny piss take of the mundane task of producing press releases, which in many cases are confusing and leave me wondering whether I actually received the right album.

Don’t get me wrong, this band is a serious outfit, delivering an alternative rock sound with enough pop sensibilities to hook you in from beginning to end, all wrapped up in some punchy pin point production. Opening track ‘Sailors Mouth’ is delicate and reveals an interesting approach to a narrative dealing with an orphan looking for love, producing a melodic alternative sound that also provides the catchy sing-a-longs that sprawl throughout the album. ‘Begin Again’ demonstrates what keeps this release interesting, with the introduction of a more straight up indie sound you realise this band are keen to steer clear of any particular pigeon hole, choosing rather to delve in and out of different arrangements while still exhibiting a clear direction. One that shows a willingness to experiment with their second full length release.

‘America Will Break Your Heart’ holds a delicacy with the arrival of some strings that sit so well alongside Luke Foley’s dynamic and at times almost wounded vocals, which needless to say, are spot on and brilliant throughout. Tracks like ‘Cruel’ reveal clear influences from the likes of Death Cab For Cutie, although show the maturity to keep these influences confined to inspiration, not letting them simply shape the sound that they are producing.

The album is full of stand-out tracks like ‘Widower’, ‘Out For Blood’, ‘Over’ and ‘Rope’, with its blend of acoustic and electric guitars giving off an Americana feel to proceedings. The arrival of the summer months couldn’t be more fitting for this release, it’s full of enough hooks to fill a sunny afternoon but also builds on an experimentation that keeps this band exciting.


‘Out For Blood’ by Farewell Flight is released on July 12th on Mono vs. Stereo Records.

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Connor O’Brien

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