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Album Review: Mishkin - Row Away From The Rock EP

Crashing waves of intricate and infectious riffs wage their war against the cliffs of your ears, that’s right it’s Mishkin, providing guitar harmonies and gang vocals a plenty, their dish of finely stirred rock would go well with any main course.

I hate to repeat myself but infectious is probably the best word to cover all bases here, the fist-pumping verses lead perfectly up to damned-near-perfect choruses, the moods Ben Davy so aptly purveys are so captivating and believable that the vocals alone give you the impression that you’re being told a story, and one from the heart at that, a heart which is worn proudly on the sleeves of this undeniably tight band.

With a summer tour looking larger and larger at every turn it would be worth looking out to see if these guys are anywhere near your town, and if they’re not, well, trust me, they sound worth a long bloody drive.

‘Waiting For The World To Change’, the third track on their ‘Row Away From The Rocks’ EP proudly boasts, just to serve some sprinkles on this deliciously iced musical cake, that this band is more than capable of variety, the almost electronic introduction and an underlying atmosphere of an industrial nature serves to surprise at the halfway point, their competence apparently, knows no bounds.

A Better example of this however, comes with the final track, ‘Your Sleeve’, which offers a spellbound almost fantasy orientated ambient grotto with which to pull you in deeper towards appreciation of this frankly, brilliant EP.

I have to say that I’m actually disappointed that I didn’t have more of this to review, after listening to these four anthems I’m but hungry for more, congratulations Mishkin, you have a new fan.


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Eddy Strickson

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