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Album Review: For The Fallen Dreams - Backburner

BOOM! ‘Say What You Will’ sends fireworks towards your ears with brick-like tenacity, the opener of this album is the definition of angst and if it doesn’t make you want to start a mosh pit in your living room then you haven’t been listening hard enough.

Just to set up the atmosphere, the screams on this record, well, the low pitch and the gravel that symbolise this lyrical compliment really stand out here, 'Backburner' does a great job at the divide between melody and angst, giving enough of each to both move and pump fists, just what every band that walks the line of hardcore needs, wishes for and much, much more.

There is only one area truly, where this band could improve, and that is the dissenting style of each song, the format of each track, while each remains both fresh and exciting, fails to expand from the predictable style they have so mastered. In this way they both come across as incredibly tight and in need of some major inspiration. Don’t get me wrong, I loved this record, but despite the brutal power of each bridge, the band need to recognise the triumph disparity can bring to a record already as brilliant as ‘Backburner’.

The more punk feel of ‘The Big Empty’ however is enough to get anyone pumped up, the speed and the power of this beast of a song lets you know what this band is truly capable enough, even striving away from their formula enough to really pull you in, and the vocal line? It achieves the line of unpredictability that makes a chorus such as this so unique and so satisfying even to the most easily distracted of listeners.

In fact, when they distract from this formula it instantly refreshes your assumptions of the band to the point where you are amazed by every move and although this formula breaking is not a track by track process it is enough to show the scope of this band’s true talent.


'Backburner' by For The Fallen Dreams is available now on Rise Records.

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Edward Strickson

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