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Album Review: Juffage - Semicircle

I can almost smell the pints being sipped as Juffage’s record opens, the title track 'Semicircle' is oddly calming considering the sporadic and muffled nature of the track’s fuzzy interludes, in places where the acoustic guitar/vocal combo returns however, the voice of this band can be instantly recognised, it is both beautiful and twisted, just the way they should be, as the drums burst in through the rattle to remind us of exactly who this band are. I hear Muse in here somewhere and the ambient nature of that influence only serves to highlight the most distinct and informed parts of this title and opening track.

The atmosphere Juffage’s synth led indie romp offers is one part melancholy and one part contemporary, at times it harks back to the early days of The Killers, and yet somehow done a lot better, for example with 'Small Fires'. the ambience that surrounds each song on this most prestigious of offerings is riddled with intrigue, creating a tapestry of emotion in a musical world you can quite easily find yourself lost in.

The only thing that sets back this fantastic and incredibly involving band is the lack of climax, not that I would expect an all out orgasmic finish to a bridge with music so relaxing, however, it seems if only they would work upon this last hurdle, they would reach somewhere beyond even their own potential, not that this band is not truly great, but they could be near perfect. They come close in ‘Stop Making Music’ and only barely fall short, their consistency being both a dear friend and something on their backs.

That said almost everything about this band is admirable, from their song writing to the many instruments utilised to create their nostalgic sound, if you want to fall deep into a trance without having to listen to music with trance in its genre name, this is for you. All the way from the beginning to the sputnik message of 'Drone II' it is an enjoyable listen.


'Semicircle' by Juffage is available now on Function Records.

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Edward Strickson

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