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Album Review: Laconia - Reflection Or Denial

The last few years has seen a number of bands return from hiatus, and although they are not quite the size of Blink 182 or Incubus, the North East’s Laconia are another band that have recently ended their creative break. ‘Reflection Or Denial’ represents the re-born alternative rock band’s first recorded output in three years, and the debut of their new line-up. There is professionalism and quality to this EP that belies the fact that three quarters of the line-up is new. Their radio-friendly alternative rock has mass appeal utilising the energy of early Lostprophets with the atmospheric ambience of Thirty Seconds To Mars.

Laconia certainly have a knack for penning largely inoffensive, but catchy rock tunes. Opening track ‘Waiting’ is a perfect example, composed of soaring vocals chugging guitar riffs and a contagious chorus. It’s not hard to see this track being a staple of US rock radio. ‘Say it All Again’ continues with the frantic energy levels, thrashy guitar and drums keep the track hemmed to a certain pace, however the track sounds ever so slightly dated whenever the vocals kick in. It could easily be a cutting room reject from nu-metal’s heyday.

Current single ‘Arcadia’, not only features on the EP twice (in its intended state, but also remixed), but is easily the standout track of the EP. Built around the impressive vocal range of singer Scott Cavagan and sparse moody guitar work, it is the track with the most potential to be a radio hit. ‘Belladonna’ follows a similar structure to its predecessor, but does quite hit the same atmospheric levels. Unfortunately ‘Speak Through Silence’ rather spoils the progress made by the middle brace of songs, returning to the dated sound of ‘Say It All Again’. This kind of sound was popular about a decade ago, and was actually done better back then. It’s a shame, because Laconia have the potential to write great modern anthemic songs.

Despite the truly great ‘Arcadia’, ‘Reflection Or Denial’ is just a little to hit and miss to make this EP an essential purpose. If Laconia stick to what works on the few good tracks on this EP, they have the potential to break out.


‘Reflection Or Denial’ by Laconia is out now through Inquity Records.

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