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Alkaline Trio Tribute Album Track Listing Announced

Pacific Ridge Records have announced the track listing for their forthcoming Alkaline Trio tribute album.

1.Spontaneo - Clavicle
2.Bright & Early - Stupid Kid
3.Punchline - Madam Me
4.Allister - My Little Needle
5.And Then There Were None - If You Had A Bad Time
6.The Lion Faced Boy - You're Dead
7.The Material - Bleeder
8.Joe Wilson - Goodbye Forever
9.I Can Make A Mess Like Noboy's Business - Southern Rock
10.The Promise Hero - Sorry About That
11.The SpacePimps - Jaked On Green Beers
12.Jonah Matranga - I'm Dying Tomorrow
13.Rob Huddleston (of Ann Beretta) - Help Me
14.Into It. Over It. - Message From Kathlene
15.My Arcadia - Maybe I'll Catch Fire
16.When We Team Up - WarBrain
17.Hold For Swank - My Standard Break From Life
18.Weatherstar - Radio
19.Matt Brausch - Snake Oil Tanker
20.The Wonder Years - Cooking Wine

1.Barely Blind - Nose Over Tail
2.The Catastrophe - Tuck Me In
3.Floral Terrace - This Could Be Love
4.August Premier - Sun Dials
5.Jesse Ponnock - All On Black
6.United Federation of Planets - Exploding Boy
7.Rattlesnake Gunfight - Another Innocent Girl
8.Promise of Redemption - Take Lots With Alcohol
9.Ramona - You've Got So Far To Go
10.Koji - She Took Him To The Lake
11.The Story Changes - San Francisco
12.The Icarus Account - '97
13.Still Rings True - My Friend Peter
14.The Composure - Sleepyhead
15.Time & Distance - I Lied My Face Off
16.Future Idiots - Sadie
17.In Bloom - Keem 'Em Coming
18.Straight Outta' Junior High - Fuck You Aurora
19.Washington Square Park - Cop

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