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ATP! Label Profile: Broken Rim Records

Back in 2009, Kyle Tedesco was hit by a car whilst riding his bike in his tome town of Buffalo, New York. Luckily Tedesco survived the accident and thanks to a a three thousand dollar settlement, he was able to kick start Broken Rim Records, which takes its name for the same incident.

Although the label is still small, it has quickly shown its dedication towards the vibrant US pop punk scene with releases from I Call Fives, Rust Belt Lights and Turnover.

Interview with Kyle Tedesco

Year Founded: 2010

First Release: I Call Fives - 'Bad Advice LP'

Latest Releases: Turnover - 'Turnover' 7”/CD

Number of Releases: Three:
1. I Call Fives - 'Bad Advice LP'
2. I Call Fives/Rust Belt Lights - Split 7”
3. Turnover - 'Turnover' 7”/CD

Current Roster: I Call Fives, Rust Belt Lights, and Turnover

Why did you form Broken Rim Records?
Music has always been a huge part of my life. I started collecting CDs in 5th grade and vinyl in high school. I’ve never had any sort of musical talent, so once all my friends started touring in bands the way I stayed involved in my city’s scene was by booking shows. I always sort of had this thought in the back of my mind about how I’d like to start a label. I had the connections from booking shows, but nowhere near the amount of money I needed.

In the summer of 2009 I got hit by a car on my bike and got a three thousand dollar settlement from the asshole’s insurance company. Now having the money, previously being the only thing holding me back, I decided to try putting out a record.

How did you come up with the name Broken Rim Records?
Aside from a few scratches and bruises, I walked away pretty clean from the car accident. My bike on the other hand, took a serious beating. The bike went under the car. The frame got all bent up, and the rim was totally bent and fucked. Hence Broken Rim Records.

Why should people take an interest in Broken Rim Records?
When I get a record in the mail that has awesome packaging, or an extra song, or something worth telling a friend about, I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning. All of the Broken Rim releases have something extra to offer. Our releases include features such as: silk screened B-sides, extra vinyl exclusive tracks, gatefold jackets, digital downloads, and more! I try to do an alternative/record release cover for all my releases, as well as pre-order test press contests. Buying a Broken Rim release ensures a quality product for a cheap price.

What are your future plans for Broken Rim Records?
I hope to continue putting out vinyl releases for hard working bands.

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