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ATP! Label Profile: Kind Of Like Records

Since its formation last year, Brooklyn, New York label Kind of Like Records has quickly established itself in the DIY Pop Punk community with releases from Captain, We're Sinking, Mixtapes, and The Fucking Cops under its belt with new albums from Great Cynics and Direct Hit! set to be released soon.

We spoke to founder Lisa Garelick from Kind of Like Records to give us a brief rundown and history on the label.

Year Founded: 2010

First Release: Captain, We're Sinking - It's A Trap 7"

Latest Releases: The Fucking Cops - Fuck You Up With Some Truth 12" EP/CD
Great Cynics - Don't Need Much LP (out June 14th)
Direct Hit! - Domesplitter LP/CD (out in August)

5 Essential Releases:
Captain, We're Sinking - It's A Trap 7"
Mixtapes/Direct Hit! - Split 7"
The Fucking Cops - Fuck You Up With Some Truth 12" EP/CD
Great Cynics - Don't Need Much LP
Direct Hit! - Domesplitter LP/CD

Number of Releases: 5

Current Roster: Direct Hit!, Captain, We're Sinking, Great Cynics, Mixtapes, The Fucking Cops and Timeshares (in the studio now)

Why did you form Kind Of Like Records? Kind Of Like was a dream of mine that I never had the chance or the money to really follow through on. After I graduated college, I saved up, found a band that inspired me and pushed forward. Haven't looked back since!

How did you come up with the name Kind Of Like Records?
It's named after a song that pokes fun of the band name Kind Of Like Spitting. That's all I'm going to say! Well that, and it's named after the song that made me fall in love with a certain band that shaped a big part of my life.

Why should people take an interest in Kind Of Like Records?
If you enjoy pop punk by hardworking and dedicated people who don't care about fashion or trends, then you may enjoy the releases we put out. It's all about the songs and building bands to meet their potential. Something we strongly believe in.

What are your future plans for Kind Of Like Records?
I on plan to keep releasing records by bands that I love. There's always a hope that I could make a living off the label, but who really knows? I believe that if you work hard good things will happen.

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