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Live Review: Jimmy Eat World - HMV Forum, London - 22/6/11

Whilst over in Europe for numerous festivals, tonight Jimmy Eat World are back into the UK for the first of two special shows. Unlike the forthcoming festival sets that will include a mix bag of new and old material, tonight is all about two albums that made Jimmy Eat World who they are now; 'Clarity' and 'Bleed American'. On top of that tonight is for the fans who have stuck with the band.

Although the band started a little late, you easily forgive them as the opening moments of 'Tables For Glasses' gently draw you in and from there on in the band are pitch perfect and remind you how influential both 'Clarity' and 'Bleed American'.

Like on the record, the 'Clarity' portion of the show is more relaxed and lets you appreciate tracks like 'A Sunday' and 'Just Watch The Fireworks'. Whilst 'Blister' receives the energetic response it deserves and the slow building conclusion to 'Goodbye Sky Harbor' is exactly how you want it to be. Faultless.

After a short break, 'Bleed American' kicks in and the HMV Forum turns into a party-like atmosphere, with the title track and 'A Praise Chorus' throwing the crowd into an energetic frenzied, whilst the bands "breakthrough hit" 'The Middle' is sung in unison.

Like the album itself, the mix of fast-paced rock moments like 'Sweetness' and 'If You Don't, Don't' are satisfying, whilst the softer moments; 'Hear You Me' and 'My Sundown' are sombre and captivating. In addition the pleasing 2007 version of 'Your House' is given a warm reception.

If playing two full albums back-to-back wasn't enough, the four-piece returned for an encore made up of the euphoric '23', which comes off far more rewarding in a live setting, 'Big Casino', 'My Best Theory' and 'Pain'. Four songs that clearly show the band's ability to stay consistent and relevant.

As a whole you can't fault Jimmy Eat World as tonight was a mark of mutual appreciation between the band and its fans; appreciation to the band for two remarkable records that continue to be highly regarded and appreciation to the fans for sticking by them and their continuous support.

As a longtime fan of the band, tonight was as pretty much perfect as it could possibly be. Sincerely satisfying.

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Sean Reid

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