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ATP! Weekly Recommendations (July 1st, 2011)

This week's picks from the ATP! team include tracks from He Is We, The Dangerous Summer, Heartsounds, Limp Bizkit, August Burns Red, and more.

Jon Ableson
He Is We - 'Blame It On The Rain'
'My Forever' (Universal Motown Records)

Sean Reid
Heartsounds - 'The Song Inside Me'
'Until We Surrender' (Epitaph)

George Gadd
Brian Fallon (The Gaslight Anthem) - 'Backstreets (Bruce Springsteen Cover)'

James Berclaz-Lewis
August Burns Red - 'Internal Cannon'
'Leveler' (Solid State/Hassle)

Chris Marshman
The Dangerous Summer - 'Surfaced'
'Reach For The Sun' (Hopeless Records)

Connor O'Brien
A - 'Pacific Ocean Blue'
'Hi Fi Serious' (London Records)

Sandeep Dawett
Limp Bizkit - 'Gold Cobra'
'Gold Cobra' ()

Dan Issitt
Crucial Dudes - 'Small, Bent & Ugly'
'61 Dudes' (Jump Start Records)

Brian Campbell
Korn feat. Skrillex - 'Get Up'

Edward Strickson
Joe Purdy - 'Wash Away'
'Julie Blue'

Emma Garland
Grown Ups - 'Six More Weeks of Winter'
'More Songs' (Topshelf Records/Big Scary Monsters)

Garry Lee
The Mountain Goats - 'Damn These Vampires'
'All Eternals Deck' (Merge)

Janay Kinney
Sick of Sarah - 'Autograph'
'2205' (Adamant Records)

Chantelle 'Kiki' Goodchild
RX Bandits - 'Hope Is A Butterfly, No Net It's Captor'
'Mandala' (Sargent House)

Jade Grand-Scrutton
A Day To Remember - 'The Downfall Of Us All'
'Homesick' (Victory Records)

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