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Interview: Buddy Nielsen (Bayonet)

Alter The Press was lucky enough to speak to Buddy Nielsen of Bayonet about the origin of the band, signing to Mightier Than Sword Records and more.

Alter The Press: All the members in Bayonet come from other bands. How did you come together?
Buddy Nielsen (vocals): I met with Jeremy through a mutual friend named Ben who used to sing for Armor For Sleep and then Jeremy had prior relationships with everyone else.

ATP: When you came together, what was the sound you aiming for?
Buddy: Raw, fast aggressive and fun. We just wanted to play music without thinking to much about it.

ATP: You've said Bayonet recalls the early hardcore period. What bands from that era in particular have influenced you?
Buddy: I don't really know if we recall the early years that much but one band I have always loved and looked up to is Black Flag.

ATP: The EP has been a long time in the making - with talk of it originally being a full-length - are there still plans to release a full-length record?
Buddy: Yes there are plans; we are writing it right now.

ATP: The EP is set to be released on Mightier Than Sword Records. How did you join up with MTS?
Buddy: I started working at Mightier Than Sword a couple months ago and I thought it would be fun to release my own record. I have never had the opportunity to do so and jumped at the idea.

ATP: What plans do Bayonet have in a live capacity?
Buddy: Not very much. Everyone in the band has a ton of other stuff going on. We are going to be playing locally but do not have any real touring plans.

ATP: It's likely fans of the bands you're all also involved will be interested in Bayonet. For yourself, how do you expect Senses Fail fans expect to react?
Buddy: I don't know if Senses Fail fans will like, I don't really care if they do either. This band is purely for the sake of getting together with friends and putt out music, there is no goal to sell records or find acceptance. I think for the most part from Senses Fail fans the reaction as been a little luke warm. I know that when I post about Bayonet on the Facebook they get a little pissed.

ATP: Outside of Bayonet and Senses Fail, you've branched further out into the music industry with Give Blood Management. What prompted this?
Buddy: Having been on one side of the music industry for 10 years I really wanted to try the other. Senses Fail has seen it's peak as a band and ultimately the band will start to slow down as we get older and move on to such things as family. I love music and it's the only place I want to be in my life, so in order to make sure I always have music in my life I decided to try and start working on the management and label side.

ATP: What do yourself and Bayonet have planned for the upcoming months?
Buddy: Record comes out July 26th and than we will be playing some release shows.

Bayonet's self-titled EP is out now through Mightier Than Sword Records.

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