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Tour Blog: Aficionado (Part One)

New York's own, Aficionado are currently on the road for the first time in support of their incredible new self-titled album and we couldn't be more thrilled to have front man Nick Warchol blogging for us from the road!

Keep checking back for Nick's updates!

"We've been out on the road for 7 days so far. Originally, the plan was to do a short run of dates with our good friends in the band Nightmares for a
Week out to a festival called Fucking Awesome Fest in Detroit, Michigan. Due to some van troubles on the way to our first scheduled show together, they had to head back home and drop the dates. This is the second time that unforeseen circumstances have prevented us from touring together. It's possible that some greater force in nature is preventing it from happening.

Our slot on the fest wasn't until Saturday the 12th, but we showed up on the 10th in order to fully experience all of what the festival had to offer. We got to see some old friends, make some new friends, catch some awesome bands, and polish up on our bowling skills (there was a bowling alley attached to the venue where bands were allowed to bowl for free!). Ramona and the people at Black Iris Booking did a phenomenal job on the fest, and we had a great time.

We're currently in Chicago, IL. We've been here for a few days so far. We're on a tour that starts here on Thursday the 18th, and spans most of the United States, supporting one of our favorite musicians, Tim Kasher (of the band Cursive). We figured that Chicago would be a cool place to spend our downtime between the two tours. Since we've been here, we got to visit with some friends, we went to an awesome beach, we had great coffee, and tonight we got to see White Wives, Tigers Jaw, Three Man Cannon, & Kite Party at a venue called the Beat Kitchen. So now we've got one more day of killing time, then Tim Kasher Tour begins! Can't wait!"

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