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Album Review: New Found Glory - Radiosurgery

It’s been twelve years since New Found Glory released their debut album, 'Nothing Gold Can Stay', and since then they’ve cemented themselves into the foundation of modern pop punk. But how does a band who’ve been around that long keep it fresh and exciting? Simple - they’ve taken New Found Glory circa 2001 and given them a 2011 make over.

'Radiosurgery' doesn’t quite have that edge that their previous release, 'Not Without A Fight' had, but what it lacks in grit it more than makes up for in fun. It might be more of a grower than an instant hit but the undeniable knack New Found Glory have to writing a flawless pop-punk record cannot be overlooked.

The long term NFG fan might need a few listens to fully appreciate the record but title track and album opener is that one song that you only have to hear once for it to be irrevocably lodged into your mind and you find yourself singing for days on end. At first it’s hard to imagine where the other songs will settle in their back catalog or sit in a set list but songs like the 'Drill It In My Brain' and the perfectly crafted 'Memories & Battle Scars' are quintessentially New Found Glory.

They’re taking a risk releasing 'Radiosurgery' amidst the sea of new material in the genre - particularly from fellow veterans Blink-182 - but it easily stands up to the competition. 'Summer Fling, Don’t Mean A Thing', with it’s pop sensibilities, is one of a number of catchy single-worthy tracks whilst 'Ready, Aim, Fire!' is beautifully crafted pop-punk song with a hint of rockabilly.

Now on their seventh full-length album, the boys have managed to maintain the same line-up and have chosen to reintroduce producer Neal Avron (who also worked with the band on their self-titled, 'Sticks & Stones' and 'Catalyst'). 'Radiosurgery' is packed with the same classic melodies, power chords and punk riffs that always made them stand out from the crowd and given them such longevity. Here’s to another twelve years!


'Radiosurgery' is out October 4th through Epitaph Records.

Chantelle 'Kiki' Goodchild

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