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Cartel Forced To Cancel Australia Tour

Cartel have been forced to cancel their upcoming tour in Australia.

The band have made the following statement:

"Hey everybody,

Bad news is never easy to put into simple phrases; but, unfortunately, I must do my best. It is with a heavy heart that we must relay the news that we are forced to cancel our Australian ‘In Stereo’ tour. The promoter we were going through completely screwed everything up and there’s no way to rectify the mistakes that were made in time to make it happen. We had been trying to finalize flights/permits/backline (all of which the promoter was to handle) for over 2 months and only heard from him intermittently (and never with any real information), until recently when we didn’t hear at all. We apologize for all the headaches and bum outs that this will cause and we’re frantically looking for ways to make it up to all our friends in Australia. It’s sad that one person in the chain blew it for everyone involved but it just so happens to be the case.

We’re working out the info for everyone who purchased tickets to get full refunds and hopefully we can schedule another tour soon. In the meantime, we’ll be working on some new tunes and getting ready for the run with Hot Rod Circuit in a few weeks. This is the first time we’ve ever had to cancel a tour and it sucks that it has to be one that we were looking forward to so much but we assure you that it was beyond our control. Thank you all for your understanding and we’ll be distributing more info as it gets to us. Sorry once again.“

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