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Album Review: Such Gold / A Loss For Words "Split" 7"

Despite the contrast in each of their sounds, Such Gold's second split EP of this year is with pop punk's underdogs A Loss for Words. Both bands have had an eventful year, with Such Gold's numerous EP releases and constant touring as well as A Loss for Words' second full-length album, 'No Sanctuary'. Tearing through with 'Scoreboard' which ploughs it way through with pounding riffs and pure adrenaline. Such Gold unleash a relentless song backed with a pop aesthetic that just builds and builds. 'Backyard' on the other hand starts out with an intricate introduction until it is interrupted by Ben Kotin's raw vocals screaming "Oh what a sight to be seen, I left my wings back up in a dream", constant tempo changes in the song provide a constant pumping to the heart of the song.

"American Needs A New Sweetheart" comes out as the complete polar opposite to the two prior tracks. A Loss for Words take the pop values of the spectrum of bands in the top 40 right up to pop-punk bands such as Valencia and counteract it with crunchy guitars and a heavy rhythm section. Another contrast comes from "Thomas Vs. Luongo" which, in parts, features a similar constant tempo change that Such Gold values. The blending of Such Gold and A Loss for Words may not be as strange as it originally seemed and this split EP is perfect for fans who are holding out for new material from both bands.


George Gadd

Alter The Press!