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The Higher Call It A Day

The Higher have announced they have decided to call it a day.

The band released the following statement:

"What measures success in music? Today it’s extremely hard to tell, and I don’t see it getting any easier in the future. To me, (Robert Ragan aka Reggie) The Higher was successful because I had an amazing time doing it. Everyday on the road brought a new adventure, a new challenge, and new way of viewing the world. We were able to tour the US and Canada more than a dozen times, Japan 5 times, UK 1 time. We had 2 top 10 singles in Japan, a number 1 video in Japan, and were able to play their version of Coachella which they call Fuji Rock. In the US, we didn’t see the same results we did in Japan, but we didn’t go unnoticed by any means. The 6 years i spent playing with The Higher will probably be best times ill ever have in my life. Great stories to tell the grandkids……well some will have to wait till they’re older, but you get it. We played like shit some nights, and played great some nights. We were a very human band, and anyone who knows us, knows that we did things our way for better or for worse. From members leaving, too label issues, too management issues, we went through it all, and unfortunately we were unable to sustain those blows like other bands can. So, with that being said The Higher is officially done playing music. We have a farewell show in the works which will be in Vegas. The details are vague at best right now, but as soon as we know you will know. Everyone that supported us throughout the years, we sincerely thank you. Bands such as The Matches, Youinseries, Motion City Soundtrack, Sherwood, The Forecast, Quietdrive, Panic at the disco, Everybody Else, Take Cover, Lydia, Park, Silverstein, Ronnie Radke ( He’s a huge fan), Meg and Dia, In Aviate aka Autumn Rhodes, Emery, Between the Trees, Less than Jake, Escape the Fate, The Audition, The Reign of Kindo, Eye Alaska, Red Hot Radio, and Red Wine Rewind we thank you all for touring and helping us along the way. Thanks again everyone!"

Alter The Press!