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Album Review: I the Mighty - Karma Never Sleeps EP

After signing to Equal Vision last summer, California’s I the Mighty have been holed away writing and recording their new EP, "Karma Never Sleeps." Fans of anyone from Thrice to Coheed & Cambria, from Say Anything to Muse will appreciate the musicality of I the Mighty. The EP is a complete knock out, Brent Walsh’s vocals are stunning and it’s a refreshing listen.

Opener "The Dreamer" may have been in the band’s repertoire for a while but is none-the-less a sophisticated and catchy introduction to the record, while "Dancing on A Tightrope" is as arresting as it is musically infallible. However, it is infectious centerpiece, "Cutting Room Floor," that really stands above the rest and has hit written all over it - an intelligent, perfectly poetic masterpiece.

With their latest release the boys easily set themselves high above the swathes of newly signed bands currently trying to break the market as being a band with real talent and genuine potential compared with some of the mediocrity that music fans are subjected to these days.


"Karma Never Sleeps" is released March 27th through Equal Vision Records.

Chantelle Goodchild

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