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Interview: Daytrader

Alter The Press recently spoke to Gary Cioni of Daytrader to talk about the band's forthcoming new album, signing to Rise Records, working with producer Mike Sapone and more.

Alter The Press: How was the recent "Pop Punk The Vote Tour" for you guys?
Gary Cioni (guitar): The tour was amazing, could not have asked for better shows and a better group of guy's to be on tour with.

ATP: You recently finished recording your debut album. How would you describe the new material in comparison to the "Last Days Of Rome" EP?
Gary: The album is a wider spectrum of sounds that the EP, it's just got more of everything.

ATP: How was it working with producer Mike Sapone again? Was it a completely different experience with him for when you were with Crime In Stereo?
Gary: Working with Mike was amazing, he really pushes you as an artist to explore all angles of your creativity and expand your potential sound. I would say it was definitely a different experience as every record tends to be a unique experience of its own.

ATP: Originally you said 13 songs were going to be on the record, is this still the case?
Gary: The album ended up being 10 songs, we do have some b-sides though that i am sure will eventually see the light of day.

ATP: When can we expect the album to see the light of day?
Gary: May 2012.

ATP: This is also your Rise Records debut release. How has the transition been from Run For Cover to Rise?
Gary: The transition was a rather easy one, Rise had actually expressed interest in working with us at the same time as RFC when we first started the band in 2010. It just made more sense to do our first release with Jeff since it seemed like the best fit for us at the time.

ATP: Are Pat Schramm and Jon Murray both no longer in Daytrader?
Gary: That is correct, we now have Derrick and Matt holding down the rhythm section

ATP: What is planned for Daytrader in 2012?
Gary: Tours, tours and more tours.

Daytrader's debut album will be released this May through Rise Records.

- Jon Ableson

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