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Album Review: Tallhart - Bloodlines EP

In the short space of literally a month, Tallhart have emerged as the world's new favorite band; this could be attributed to their affiliation with Max Bemis (frontman of Say Anything), who recently made them the first band on the roster of his new imprint Rory Records. The raw unheard-of talent that pours out of some of these songs however is grandiose and should not be judged based on that fact.

There's definitely a pop aesthetic underlying all of the songs on this EP, in particular, "Brooklyn is Burning" which opens up with a sparse acoustic guitar and vocal arrangement before really picking up over the course of the song itself. The repetition of the line "she's gonna burn it down to the ground for me", found later in the song, really adds a lot of depth to the song itself. "Drunk Kids", where the namesake of the EP can be found within the first chorus, could easily be the next 'feel good hit of the summer.'

The true highlight is where the band ditch the softness of the rest of the EP and just decide to go all out in a fit of rage. "Holy War" is an adrenaline pumping song that features a plethora of incredibly written hooks on all instruments, Bare in mind though that this is all thrown to the side and juxtaposed when the band throw us that curve ball that is the bridge, featuring hauntingly soothing harmonies akin to Sufjan Steven's.

Fans of Manchester Orchestra's "I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child" will absolutely adore this EP, the combination of folk and indie rock isn't too dissimilar from the band itself. "Bloodline" is a great way for Tallhart to get their foot in the door and their progression can only get better from here. The lyricism itself paints a vivid picture of decadence and destruction.


"Bloodlines" EP is out now through Rory Records.

George Gadd

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