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ATP! Presents: Brittany Has An Appetite (May 23rd, 2012)

Anyone who follows drummer Brittany Harrell (@brittanyharrell) of Georgia's pop-punk outfit, Veara on Twitter would know that her account is comprised of talk about WWE, music and things 99% food related. With that said, we invited Brittany to be a part of the Alter The Press team where each week, she will be writing a weekly blog talking about the best meals she has consumed and letting the world know about her love of food!
May 23rd, 2012 - Stevi B's Pizza Buffet

Pizza buffets are fun! I'm sure you probably have been to one. Well this past weekend I hit up the pizza buffet. I went to Stevi B's for an "All You Can Eat" extravaganza!

Once you walk in, you pay for your buffet and drink and then it's time to
chow down. Make sure you skip over the salad bar (except to get a cup of ranch to dip your pizza in!) so that you have maximum room for destroying the pizza!

On my first plate I had the BBQ pizza along with two slices of buffalo chicken and a slice of the cheesy white pizza.

Next trip I got two slices of the loaded potato pizza and two slices of their limited time only Greek pizza.

For my third plate I had a slice of Mac and cheese, supreme, and pepperoni and sausage.

The next pizza I had was the chicken fajita pizza. This pizza was not on the buffet that day but you can request any specialty pizza or create your own from the toppings they have and they bring it out to your table!

Finally, I had to hit up the dessert pizza. They had a limited time peach cobbler dessert pizza and an apple crisp dessert pizza.

Everything was great. Needless to say I left STUFFED. Every slice I had was great but my favorite were the chicken fajita, Buffalo chicken, loaded potato, and BBQ. Stevi B's has got it going on and if you're super hungry this is the place you want to be!

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