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ATP! Track By Track Exclusive: Hot Water Music - "Exister"

To celebrate the release of Hot Water Music's stunning new album "Exister", Alter The Press couldn't be more pleased to present this exclusive track by track guide written by David Liebe Hart (most notably known from Adult Swim's Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!).

Disclaimer: I do music with a punk rock band, so I decided to review another punk rock album. Sometimes its good to get a flavoring for something. This band is called Hot Water Music. It’s a hip name. It means they’re either in hot water because their notes are played bad, or they’re in hot water because they sound good and taste good. This band has broken up before but always gets back together. That’s the way relationships are. You’ve got to take the bites with the pecks. I guess that makes good songwriting.

1) Mainline

The title of this song remains me of trains. The mainline of a commuter train like the Southwest Chief. I just got some new Southwest cars, but I need somebody to help me glue the models together. The music is good too. These guys remind me of The Doors.

2) Boy, You’re Going to Hurt Someone

This song has a good structure, so I like it better. It’s like a guy who’s running around with a gun and won’t put it down. He’s going to shoot everyone! I just wished they had kept with the story all the way through. They were talking about three different things. Other than that it’s a good rock and roll song.

3) State of Grace

This song is called “State of Grace”, but it’s not about religion. It’s a great job and a great song, but I just didn’t feel any religious tones to it.

4) Drown In It

This is another good song. I love the instrumental parts in between the lyrics, it reminds me of the music I make. I just wish they would stick with the same message, the message of staying awake.

5) Drag My Body

Is this about someone being taken to a funeral? I’ve seen enough funerals. This is kind of depressing. My mother died last year and my fat sister died just recently. I feel this song has Rock and Roll and Rhythm and Blues. It depresses me, but it’s still a great song.

6) Safety

The title of this song reminds me of one they would have me write for “Tim and Eric”. They’re always kicking the crap out of each other like The Three Stooges. When they get going, get out of the way! Think safe and you’ll be safe.

7) Exister

This band got back together after having broken up, like you would do with a woman. That’s why this song and album are called “Exister”. I like this song. The lyrics remind me of how a person can be transported to another world and another dimension.

8) Wrong Way

When I was listening to this song I got a long distance phone call from Seattle. I picked up, but the guy didn’t say nothing. This has been happening for three weeks. I still like this song, though. It’s allright with me.

9) Take No Prisoners

This is track nine, and “nein” means “no” in German. I’m part German, which is why I’m saying nein to any prisoners. Jail is no fun. I’ve never been, but I heard they do like they do in the Navy, putting hot dogs into buns.

10) Pledge Wore Thin

These guys definitely could have gotten along in the Seventies. They just give me the feeling of Cream, Blood Sweat and Tears, and Three Dog Night. Three Dog Night are Christian Science, I’ve met them before. So was Davey Jones, but now he’s up there singing with the Christian Science angels.

11) No End Left In Sight

The guy who writes these songs definitely knows about music theory and how to structure a song. I love it when someone writes a song outside the key of C, or in odd time signatures. A lot of religious music is that way.

12) The Traps

“The Traps”, just like being trapped in an elevator. I got trapped in an elevator for two hours in my apartment building, which was no fun. Now I take the stairs 90% of the time. If someone else is in there with me, or I have my cell phone on me, then I’ll take the elevator.

13) Paid In Full

Only one thing comes to mind when I hear a title like this: bills. It’s hard to get all your bills paid on time, especially when you don’t have parents to help you. AT&T even shut off my home phone and my cell phone recently. Someday I hope I can be paid in full for being in a punk rock band.

David Liebe Hart is an actor, musician, and puppeteer best know for his work with Tim and Eric. He’s currently on tour with his band. Tour dates at

Twitter: @david_liebehart

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