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Brand New Hoping To Release New Music In 2013

Brand New frontman Jesse Lacey has revealed in a new interview he hopes to release new music in 2013. Lacey also mentions that the band are unsigned, have no management representing them and do not have any recording plans at the moment. Check out an excerpt from the feature below.

"The band’s latest release was Daisy in 2009, and while reports have circulated stating Brand New is working on a new album, lead singer and guitarist Jesse Lacey admits that the band has no set recording schedule in place. Brand New is free-flowing in the music business: the four-piece has cut ties with its label and management in favour of returning to its independent roots.

“I think that really allows us to explore every avenue we feel we need to musically,” he says, noting that Brand New always retained creative control with its label, but that the reality of someone is funding an album is that they always have some degree of influence. “We had come full circle back to a point in our lives where we had really felt like the ideas that we had were more in line with where we started as a band.”

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