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ATP! Exclusive: Behind The Scenes Of Balance and Composure's "Quake" Music Video

Yesterday (September 25th) Balance and Composure premiered their stunning new music video for "Quake" and today we are pleased to present this behind the scenes feature, brought to you by our very own photographer, Danielle Parsons!

A few weeks prior to the "Quake" music video being shot Dan [Centrone, director] asked me to come along and take photos for him to go along with the video. I'm really happy I was able to be part of such an amazing shoot with such great people. The whole day/experience was really awesome despite almost being shut down by cops and being blown up with fireworks. I hope you all enjoy the music video as much as I did.
-Danielle Parsons

Alter The Press: Why did you guys choose “Quake” to shoot a video for?

Balance and Composure: It was the first song we released off the record. It was more or less, ‘the single.’ We thought it could go a long with a cool music video. There's some eerie tones in the song itself.

ATP: What is the theme/concept of the video? How does it correlate with the song? Did you and Dan see eye to eye as far as a “vision” for the video?

Balance: The song "Quake" is about emotionally putting yourself out there to the public and how it can negatively affect us as a band. Being admired or looked up to in a sense is a horrifying concept to us as we don't even know who we are our as people yet in our own lives. So the theme of the video is displaying the burial of our former selves and continuing on the path we chose as being in a band full time. It's been a dream of ours for life, and at the same time it's setting a new reality that we were unaware of.

Dan: I would say my vision for the video was pretty much the exact same as the bands. We had a meeting and Jon [Simmons, vocals/guitar] came forward with a concept that just sort of sparked a bunch of ideas from the rest of us and so we all brainstormed and pitched back and forth until we figured out exactly what we all wanted as far as concept and art direction goes. From the start we all definitely wanted the video to have a dark tone and obviously wanted a concept that would have a theme to reflect what the songs about. I feel like the band just kind of wanted to let me do my thing and trusted me do things the way I saw them in my head.

ATP: Why did you guys choose Dan Centrone to direct the video?

Balance: He is the man and he's local. He also approached us about doing a video and we have always been a fan of his work, especially his Daylight video. It was something that was just bound to happen.

ATP: Which scene was the most difficult to film and why?

Balance: The funeral scene because our friends were all giggly and un-serious. But at the same time it was the coolest. To see all of our friends come together in one place to help us, was a gratifying feeling. We are so thankful for them. The rock scene was also difficult for us to do because of everyone around the shoot was watching us dance around in suits.

Dan: I would definitely say the hardest scene to shoot was the funeral scene for a number of reasons. Besides nobody being able to keep a straight face at their friends funeral we had to deal with rain, a crowd of extras, and to top it off there was a dude spying on us with binoculars from across the corn field the whole time. The performance scene wasn’t too bad except having fireworks shot directly at us by some angry neighbors and the cops trying to shut us down.

Words and photographs by Danielle Parsons

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