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Deaf Havana Drop Off There For Tomorrow Fall Tour

Deaf Havana have been forced to drop off There For Tomorrow's upcoming tour. A statement from the band can be read below.

"Obviously we were meant to head over to America to tour with There For Tomorrow next week, which we were all looking forward to, but unfortunately, the length of time it takes to get our VISA application processed has made it impossible for the tour to work out for us. As a band we cannot risk going over to the US without the correct paperwork and in turn risk a long term ban which can be up to ten years, it just wasn’t financially viable for us to book flights without the correct and proper paperwork in place.

We are definitely going to be aiming to get back to the U.S soon and for the mean time thanks for the support, make sure you go and catch a show as all the bands are amazing and There For Tomorrow are the nicest dudes, it just wasn’t meant to be this time round."

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