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ATP! Interview: Adventures

It's no secret that we LOVE Adventures. The Pittsburgh, PA five-piece released earlier this year possibly one of the best EPs of 2012, fusing their unique blend of indie/rock together with singer/guitarist Reba Meyers' distinctive vocals.

Whilst on their recent fall tour, Alter The Press sat down with the band to discuss the origin Adventures, signing to No Sleep Records, how they divide their time between various side-projects and more.

Alter The Press: How did Adventures originally come together?
Jami Morgan (drums): We started through all of us being in our other band [Code Orange Kids]. Kimi [keys] has always done all the art and everything from us and has been our best friend pretty much forever. All of us were into this other music which we all liked a lot and we just started doing it when we weren't doing Code Orange Kids stuff. That's pretty much it.

ATP: Besides three of you being in Code Orange Kids, how do you all find the time do Adventures as well as your other side-projects?
Reba Meyes (vocals/guitars): We don't do much else.

Jami: We all live at home, we all work part-time jobs but besides that, I don't know, we just practice. It's gotten a little harder since Kimi moved to Baltimore, but we just practice. Write songs, have fun. It's what we normally do.

Reba: It keeps us going, we just try to fill our time up with it.

ATP: Code Orange Kids have recently come back from Europe and have their new album coming out soon. With that said, describe a typical year for you guys. How you divide your time between each band, touring, studio time etc.
Jami: Well with this year, we recorded the Adventures EP over a year ago, so we've had it for like forever. We timed it out with that and said we will after write the new Code Orange Kids record and hopefully have some downtime that we could do tours off this record because it will be out in time.

We kind of planned it like that for this year too, because we have already written the new Adventures full-length record and recorded demos for it, so when that comes out, hopefully Code Orange Kids will take a little break.

ATP: What is the current update with Lillith? (Kimi, Reba and Joe's acoustic/folk side-project)
Joe Goldman (bass): We did have a 7" which came out a couple months ago, which came out through a label in New Hampshire called Get Better Records. I think our plan is to try to do a new record in...

Reba: Spring or Summer. It's tough as we just came up with Adventures, we have the Code Orange Kids thing going on and Kimi lives in Baltimore. As soon as we get a break, we will do it. It's just balancing everything out. We always write songs and do all that stuff. The time will come.

ATP: Besides those three bands, do you guys have any other side-projects?
Reba: There's been little things..

Jami: They have a band called Girl Dungeon and we have a band that we are starting up called Wise Up. Just these different genres of stuff.

Reba: To keep busy.

Jami: We have friends who are in other bands who are all great but have stuff to do, so we all just play together because we know how to write songs with each other really easily.  I don't know, it's really easy. We're all best friends and hang out every day. One day we will practice, the other we will hang out.

ATP: How did Adventures end up signing with No Sleep Records?
Jami: We wanted to send it around and see if anyone we really like would want to put it out. I sent it to No Sleep. They're kind of a big a label and I didn't think he [Chris Hansen, owner] would release it, but we knew him through Code Orange Kids so I sent it to him and he liked it a lot. It was that easy. We didn't send it to anyone else. It was just him and he said yes. It worked out really well.

ATP: How would you describe Adventures and was there a particular sound or influence you were really trying to capture with this EP?
Jamie: Personally I would say a lot of 90s emo and alternative rock stuff but putting our different elements to it like Reba's voice and adding Dom [Landolina, guitar] to the mix.

Reba: When we started off it was a general idea for the sound; something lighter. Dom originally was in a part of it for the first week and we didn't really know what he was into besides a lot of the 90s emo stuff that we were, so it just kind of turned into that.

ATP: You mentioned earlier you have already started demoing the new LP?
Reba: We've demoed nine of the songs but might change a couple of things. The vocals aren't totally done, but the general idea is there. We put a lot of time into it. We have a practice space in Pittsburgh and pretty much went there for like a week or two and hashed it out.

Jami: We wrote some songs, went on tour with Code Orange Kids, came back and really hammered it out in the last few weeks.

Reba: We'll hopefully be done with it before Code Orange Kids go on tour, record it in the Winter and hopefully it will come out in the Spring.

ATP: Will it be released through No Sleep?
Jami: Probably, but we don't know yet.

ATP: How would you describe the album in comparison the EP?
Jami: It's the same similar sound, just more developed. We definitely took more influence from specific bands and their structures but did the same formula that we do.

Reba: When we wrote the EP, we kind of just wrote songs and then it became that. We weren't even sure how far we were going to take that but we ended up really it liking it so we put those songs on the EP, but for the LP we had an idea for it and the different types of songs we wanted on it.

Jami: We just weren't sure if we were going to be able to tour with it.

Reba: We've been able to do a lot, which is super cool. With the LP we had more time to write the layers and expand on all the stuff which we hadn't been able to.

ATP: What is the plan after this Adventures tour?
Jami: Code Orange Kids is going to go on tour with Bane in Canada, we're going to do a tour in the US in November/December and then hopefully get to record the Adventures record then Code Orange Kids will do more stuff.

I'd like to do a full US tour but we're not really ever going to do this fall for Adventures, but hopefully we'll be able to do a tour next summer.

ATP: So the next time we will see Adventures will be next summer?
Jami: Hopefully Spring.

Reba: It's tough recently with Adventures. Jami books the Code Orange Kids stuff and sometimes we don't know yet what is going on with that. I don't want to book something for Lilith if we don't know if Code Orange Kids might be touring. We are writing songs and trying to do weekend shows when we can. We'll figure something out and I'm sure there will be a time when things get more relaxed where we can plan things out.

ATP: What will the other non-Code Orange Kids members be up to afterwards?
Kimi: I am a student and just starting working for this art recycling company so I want to focus on that.

Jami: Dom just hates his life so he's just going to continue to hate it.

Dom Landolina (guitar): Kimi has a lot more interesting stuff going on but I'm just pretty much going to be in college.

Jami: We quit college, they stayed which is good. Eric [Balderose, guitar] never went to college.

- Jon Ableson

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