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LIGHTS & Beau Bokan (blessthefall) Planning On Making Music Together

blessthefall frontman Beau Bokan has revealed in a new interview that him and his wife LIGHTS plan on making music together at some point eventually. Check out what Bokan had to say below.

"Can you imagine working together creatively? 

I think so. It’s something we have been talking about more and more. Right at the beginning everyone was like, “You guys should do a song together!” But we decided together we’ve never do anything just because somebody wanted us to. It would have to be something that came naturally and would be awesome for us to do. It’s a possibility for sure. She records all of her own music, she has her own studio, she tracks all of her own stuff – so we were talking about maybe me recording some blessthefall demo vocals in the bedroom or something to start [laughs]. Our whole dynamic is really amazing and something I never thought could really happen. I’m super excited about all the possibilities. I mean, I wish I had half of her talent, but I’ll do what I can do. She takes so much pride in what she does, and I think in her vein of music, very few people do it like does with the passion she has."

Alter The Press!