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Meg & Dia Break Up

Meg and Dia have announced they have called it a day. A statement from Meg Frampton can be read by clicking read more.

"I've been reading about a lot of concern on twitter and Facebook since we decided to close down the Meg and Dia merch store a few days ago. So, I'm going to address your concerns here in this blog post.

Firstly, we decided to close the merch store down because we all live in different cities and, since all of the merch is at Nick's house, he's been handling all of the tasks, such as shipping and packaging the items, all on his own. It just didn't seem fair to have him keep all of that responsibility on his shoulders when none of the rest of us could help out.

Then because the store is closing, "Meg and Dia"questions started popping up.

I know that a lot of you are thinking, "Well, sheesh, I wish all the members of Meg and Dia can keep rocking in their wheel chairs when they are in their seventies and beyond!" And, you know, in some ways that is a very sweet idea. And maybe we will all be rocking in our wheel chairs in our seventies. I'd be pretty stoked about that! Ha ha. We just won't be doing it in the same format that was once called, "Meg and Dia".

I think "Meg and Dia" was our battleground where we learned so many valuable lessons about life and music that we are now ready to use in other musical endeavors. And I'm really, REALLY sorry, that this makes so many of you sad. In a way, that makes me kind of happy (I hope you guys take this the right way) because that means that you all cared so much. It means that we made some kind of difference in your lives. For us, that's what making music is all about.

So, life happens, and we all get these incredible opportunities sometimes that we have to take advantage of, so we can learn and become better people and better musicians. Dia had a chance to perform with her role model in an arena tour and she's now traveling to other countries to sing her heart out and inspire people who don't even speak the same language as her! How cool is that?

I'm playing with some of the most talented musicians I've ever met here in this calm city. I never had the chance to really focus on my craft. When you're constantly touring the focus is more on performing. I really believe now is my time to really get to know my instrument. I feel like instead of dating the guitar and taking it slow we just kind of dove into the whole "playing music" thing and now that things are more calm, I'd like to take her out on a few dates, you know?

I hear Jonathan's becoming quiet the chef in Los Angeles, and Carlo is Dia's Sancho Paza on her musical quest. Nick's still playing music with me, although now I think I should say I'm playing music with him, because he's been teaching me so much.

So you see, nothing is stopping. Things are just changing. Meg and Dia was an incredible, exciting, part of our pasts that will always be remembered and we will all take the lessons from those years and apply them to the present.

Living life in the moment is so important, don't you think? So, let's do that, you and I, and keep the past were it was, without forgetting, and look forward to the future, without remembering.



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