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ATP! Album Review: Motion City Soundtrack - Making Moves EP

This three-track release marks the latest installment of the ‘Making Moves’ series of EP's, which has seen Drexel University’s MAD Dragon Records team up with Motion City Soundtrack’s own Boombox Generation label to put out EP's from emerging artists. This sixth edition sees a release from the band themselves, comprising of two original tracks and a cover of Rilo Kiley’s ‘Pictures of Success’.

Opening track ‘Severance’ is not exactly what one has come to expect from Motion City Soundtrack: much more laid back than their usual wide-eyed and wired fare, the track is allowed to more room to breathe than the band's usual output. Justin Pierre’s vocals are as beautiful as ever, considered and emotional before growing as the track blooms to a rousing finale. Originally intended to be included on the bands’ recent LP "Go", the track warrants its inclusion on a separate EP, sufficiently different to previous material without defaulting on quality.

‘Major Leagues’ sees the band back on familiar ground with an energetic, insistent pop-rock number which ticks a lot of MCS boxes, but does nothing to stand out. The band have perfected this form of catchy near-punk to such an extent that songs such as this, though not bad, fall short of what we have come to expect from Pierre and co.

Their closing cover of ‘Pictures Of Success’ is in much the same vein as ‘Severance’, allowing Pierre to one again take centre stage in ringing out every ounce of emotion from his vocals, which are often a stand-out feature of the band’s music. Here, they are precise and wrought with feeling as ever, lending a unique MCS sound to an accomplished cover.

Whilst the intention behind this EP series is commendable - and it is good to see a band as successful as MCS actively support up-and-coming talent - the band’s own release leaves something to be desired. As ‘Pictures Of Success’ is only included on the digital version, the physical release contains only one real song of note in ‘Severance’. The lead track showcases the wide range of the band’s talents and strengths, in particular Pierre’s vocals, but ‘Major Leagues’ feels too much like a cutting-room floor find. This may be more suited to purists only, but it's worth a listen.


James Tremain

"Making Moves" will be released on November 6th through MAD Dragon/Boombox Generation Records.

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