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The Wonder Years Recording New Album In January

The Wonder Years have revealed they will start recording their new album in January. An excerpt from the interview can be found by clicking read more.

The band are currently on tour this fall supporting Yellowcard. All dates and ticket information can be found here.

"Are you looking forward to taking some time off before starting it all up again with LP4? 

We never have time off (laughs). I think I know what we’re announced up to so I can say that after this tour we have three weeks off but we’re gonna be rehearsing because we already wrote the record. The record is written. And we’re actually tighter playing those songs than we’ve ever been before recording a record. But we want to make sure they’re so tight that when we get in there we can push through it and really hit it. We don’t want to waste time fucking up a part 100 times when we can hit it the first time and move on and add more to the song. So we’re gonna spend 3 weeks in December at home drilling the songs. January, we’re recording the record and February we’re in Costa Rica and Australia then we’re planned out from there I just can’t talk about it yet. I dunno exactly how long we’re playing for, but there’s no break. The end of an album cycle for us doesn’t mean rest. The rest quote unquote – I’m doing air quotes, you can’t see them – the rest was that we were at home for the summer. But we were writing everyday. We got a rehearsal space above an abandoned sandwich shop and we wrote songs everyday."

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