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My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way Reminisces About "Bullets" Album

Gerard Way has posted online, via his Twitter account, that he listened to My Chemical Romance's debut album, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love earlier today (April 2nd) and has shared his thoughts when looking back in retrospect.

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My Chemical Romance recently announced that the band had broken up.

"Love the classical guitar bit, also love that it goes around for 2 rounds...

The music from Demolition Lovers is inspired by a Bobby Womack song, and a Helium B-side called "I Am A Witch", which taught me guitar.

My voice sounds so raw, unpracticed, untrained on this...all of us do and it's great- really fun to listen to.

I'm PISSED on this! Learned to scream from listening to At The Gates.

Vampires... the first time I had heard my voice recorded. The tempo is 187 BPMs by the way. Still my fav vocal performance I have ever done. Vampires is still my favorite song of all time. Ever. Christ...the end of Vampires is so fucking GOOD! Street! The bit at the end of Vampires was meant to sound like Ink And Dagger.

Dude! Drowning Lessons! It sounds like a goth version of early Saves The Day hahaha

Oh shit... Our Lady Of Sorrows....

John Naclerio would occasionally have to check me for unintentionally sounding like James Hetfield... "Too much Battery" he would say.

Ah...Headfirst For Halos... the song that changed everything,opened a lot of creative doors for us. Wanted it to sound like "Thrash Beatles."

The title of the album was from a short story I never finished writing years before, about two terrorists in love...

Hahaha.. I am @ChrisLaneConley all over this album...

Oh fuck yeah Best Day Ever...

@GeoffRickly Taught me my first lesson in "vocal dynamic" and "pacing" in this song. I was always singing cranked to 11 and never backed off.

Cubicles is real good, totally understand why people always asked for it live now. Really hard to play live. Early Sunsets... ahh the toothache song. Total bummer to sing at the time. Super delirious.. no fun

First MCR use of "hand claps" ha!

Demo Lovers already... this album feels short, no filler at all though which is great. The music from Demolition Lovers is inspired by a Bobby Womack song, and a Helium B-side called "I Am A Witch", which taught me guitar. Wow...this end bit in Demo where it comes back in with the pretty guitar and cool beat- super awesome.

Fuck yeah this heavy outro shreds, crazy spooky lyrics.

And Bullets comes to an abrupt end- love that. Listening to Vampires Live from Itunes fest for fun now... My scream got better! haha.

Bullets in closing- the most DIY,rawest album out at the time in the scene. We were The Damned to the scene's Sex Pistols. 
'...struck down before our prime...'

One last thing... @marcdebiak and I had a lot of fun making the artwork. It involved cellophane and Ajax..."

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