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ATP! Essential Listening: Once Upon A Time

Neil Gaiman wrote in Coraline that "Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten."

Taking that idea of following your dreams and creating your own fairy tales, the Arizona-based pop-rock band Once Upon A Time has made it their mission to get that message across with some catchy tunes. Lead singer Andrew Long and guitarist Jamie DiCarlo met in musical theater and after multiple line-up changes, the two and pianist/background vocalist Connor Schnepf are creating their own happily ever after’s. “Everyone should take opportunities if they’re handed to them and not sit on their butts and let them pass by, and be grateful,” Schnepf tells ATP! during some down-time in Chicago. The boys all have similar musical influences, ranging from blink-182 to Yellowcard and Mayday Parade. They would love to be direct support for a Mayday Parade tour in the near future, with opening acts Taylor Swift and Victoria Justice. Look out world, the “You Have Got to be Joking” tour could be coming to a town near you…

Since this band is all about fairy tales, which one is their favorite? Beauty and the Beast for Long, who is the businessman of the group and has an appreciation that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. DiCarlo, the jokester of the group, naturally chose Peter Pan and his motto of never growing up. Lastly there’s Schnepf, who chose the film The Black Cauldron, a story he’s familiar with about an underdog who became a hero. Apparently he also relates to the story because both he and the main character have swords…although I’m not sure how much truth was in that statement.

Although this band of college students is currently unsigned, they’re enjoying the opportunity of making music on their own and have been fortunate enough to get immense help and support of those around them. Once Upon A Time is currently on the Timeless Tour with Jocelyn and Hello Highway and will be releasing their four-song EP later this year.
Essential Listening: "Nobody"

Words by Gina Catalano

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