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Blink-182 To Release New Album In 2014

Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus has revealed in a new interview the band are planning to release a new album in "late spring/early summer" next year.

An excerpt from Mark's interview with Kerrang can be found below.

"We haven't thought about any new songs yet," said Hoppus, but explained that the band will write the new album when they reconvene in the studio.

"It always happens when the three of us are together in a room," said Hoppus of writing. "Because when [we're not touring], Tom lives in San Diego, Travis lives in Los Angeles and I live in London, so we don't really talk all that much. But then when we get in a room together, it all falls into place and we start making jokes. That's when we start writing songs and reconnecting with everything."

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