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*NSYNC's Lance Bass on Another Reunion: "We Have Nothing Planned"

Don't get your hopes up for another *NSYNC reunion anytime soon, as it will be the last time that it happens (at least for now).

You can read an excerpt of what Lance Bass had to say to The Associated Press yesterday (Monday, August 26th) below.

"It would be lovely to do it, but we got nothing planned."

Part of the reason is that Justin Timberlake begins his solo tour this fall, and the closest Bass says he'll get to the stage is a seat in the audience.

"Who knows what will happen when he's off tour. It's simply not part of the conversation right now. We just focused on that one performance," Bass said. Then he added: "If we did anything like that, I think we would come up with something real special where we could actually call it "The Reunion.'"

Bass, along with fellow boy-band mates Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, and JC Chasez joined Timberlake, who was already performing. The guys wanted to do something special for Timberlake for receiving The Michael Jackson Vanguard Award. It's the VMA equivalent of a lifetime achievement award.

While the last 15 seconds of their reunion performance made Bass feel nauseous, getting to the stage beforehand was a pure adrenaline rush.

"We had to perform in the middle of the arena so there was no way of getting us out there without being seen. So they dressed us in big ole hoodies to pretend we were the stage hands. So we would push out the stage and do all the stage hand stuff until we got to the area and hid out beneath a staircase," Bass said. "That was my favorite part."

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