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Frank Iero (ex-My Chemical Romance) Announces New Single "B.F.F."

Frank Iero has announced he will release a new single titled "B.F.F." digitally on February 25th.

The track was co-written by Frank and his twin daughters Cherry and Lily.

All proceeds from the single will go toward the college funds of his children.

A message from the former My Chemical Romance guitarist can be found below.

"hola mis amigos y amigas,

i am incredibly happy to announce that my newest musical endeavor will be a collaboration between myself and two of my favorite artists of all time.... my 3 year old twin daughters, Lily and Cherry Iero. our single, B.F.F., will be released worldwide by B.CALM press available through all online digital music retailers on february 25, 2014. all proceeds from the sales of this recording will go directly into Lily, Cherry, and Miles Iero's respective college funds (so no piracy will literally be stealing from a baby).

B.F.F. was written by Lily and i, and features vocals by myself, Lily, and Cherry. i recorded and performed all of the instruments on the track at B.CALM Underground studios, it was then mixed by Ed Rose and mastered by Alan Douches at west west side music.

i look forward to sharing more details on this single as the release date approaches but for now....that is all. thank you to everyone for stopping by,

xofrnk,lly,&chrry (2014)"

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