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Kesha Files Lawsuit Against Producer Dr. Luke for Alleged Sexual and Physical Assault

Kesha has filed a lawsuit against her longtime producer Dr. Luke, claiming he sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally abused her since she was 18 years old.

In the lawsuit obtained by TMZ, the singer claims Dr. Luke once made her snort a substance before she got on a plane with him and then he forced himself on her during the flight while she was drugged. She also claims he once gave her what he called “sober pills” and then she woke up in his bed the next morning with no memory of how she got there.

The suit claims the abuse was also physical and that Dr. Luke once attacked Kesha in his Malibu home, and she escaped and hid in the mountains to get away from him.

The singer alleges the abuse led to her eating disorder, which she recently went to rehab for. The suit claims Dr. Luke told her "You are not that pretty, you are not that talented, you are just lucky to have me."

Gottwald's lawyer, Christine Lepera, told TMZ the singer's sexual assault lawsuit is "a campaign of publishing outrageous and untrue statements," and claims Kesha and her mother have already admitted the statements are false.

According to Gottwald's lawsuit, he claims that Kesha attempted to extort him by threatening to spread lies about him to a fan who runs a "Free Kesha" website dedicated to getting the singer released from her contract, unless he did just that.

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