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FEATURE: Fifth Harmony on 'Reflection,' Life At Home and #TheDress

It's been nearly a month since Fifth Harmony released their debut album Reflection, which has been received nothing but praise from fans and critics across the globe.

The group's long-awaited full-length debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 in its first week, with singles "Bo$$" and "Sledgehammer" already being certified Gold, solidifying that Fifth Harmony are only on their way to bigger and better things.

With only three years active as a group, Fifth Harmony is operating at their peak, and they’re happy to hit the road to prove it.

“We’re so excited!” said Ally Brooke Hernandez with a bright laugh. “We’ve been working so hard on the album and so happy to put it out, after two years.”

The group has, in Hernandez’s words, been working their “butts off” for the tour, and seeing production and choreography come together is an amazing feeling. Positive response from fans and critics alike certainly contribute to the positive energy.

“We’re just really exited to have the album out and have people respond to it in such a positive way,” said Normani Kordei. “We can definitely see we’ve grown from The X- Factor because where we were trying to find our sound, what we wanted to sound like and topics like that are super important to us that we wanted to incorporate into the album.”

In addition to discovering who they are musically, Fifth Harmony has also evolved in their style, incorporating “what we like and what we are” in their fashion, said Hansen.

When the ladies aren’t focused on their work, days off usually consist of “a lot of sleep,” according to Camila Cabello. Spending time with family and friends is important to Cabello as well, something that can be hard with a tough tour schedule.

Getting away from the rush is a relief for Dinah Jane Hansen, as is the chance to throw her hair in a bun and forgo makeup. Hansen enjoys taking a second to relax and catching up on The Vampire Dairies or enjoying a Spongebob marathon.

“Whenever I watch a TV show, it’s like all I do,” Cabello added. “I’m obsessive. I won’t sleep. But when I’m at home, I like to watch Friends with my family.”

When it comes time to pack up and hit the stage, Cabello prefers playing tracks like “Miss Movin’ On” live. She enjoys jamming along to the song, which she said is a completely different sound than Reflection.

Hernandez’s favorite part of performing is visiting other countries she hasn’t played in before, like Australia.

“I think just being able to see the different reactions from the audience is my favorite,” Hernandez said. “Like the Brazilians, they’re so passionate! It makes you feel amazing. It’s really cool to see the dynamic and it’s awesome that people from a different part of the world love your music. It’s incredible.”

Fans around the world will be delighted to hear a new tour later this year is already “in the works,” according to Kordei. The ladies have a shortlist of artists they’d like to work with, including Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Taylor Swift.

Fifth Harmony also shared some passionate views on the already infamous #TheDress. Hernandez was quick to deem the dress blue and black, but Cabello sees white and gold.

“It’s blue and black,” Hansen argued.

“I do not get that!” Kordei said. “White and gold!”

- Jon Ableson

Reflection is out now via Epic/Syco Records.

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