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CHVRCHES Vocalist Lauren Mayberry Responds To Online Misogynistic Abuse

CHVRCHES vocalist Lauren Mayberry has been confronting misogyny ever since her band came into the public eye.

In late 2013, she penned an op-ed article for The Guardian about the sexist abuse she’d endured during her then-brief stint in the internet’s spotlight, and called for an end to this kind of behavior. By publicly taking a stand, Mayberry risked making herself even more of a target for this kind of online harassment, but her example is also inspiring to countless other women who deal with abusive, violent, and sexual threats.

It's 2015, and there are still idiots out there who are posting horrific comments targeting Lauren, who shared the following post via her Instagram last night:

Yup. Bring it on, indeed! We love you, Lauren! <3 p="">

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