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ATP! Album Review: The Maine - American Candy

The Maine has dropped their first album since the 2013 masterpiece Forever Halloween, and the record does not disappoint. American Candy showcases the pop-rock quintet’s outstanding lyrics and a much more upbeat vibe.

Immediately upon the release of the lead single, “English Girls,” it was clear that American Candy was headed for a new sound. This song is a simple story about an English girl and an American boy who are discussing how they should spend their night. With lyrics like, “Smoke whatever you’ve got left, it’s getting late and we don’t have much to lose,” the song has a simplistic beauty to it. Other standout tracks include “My Hair,” which sends a lovely message about loving oneself without regard for thoughts of others. “Am I Pretty?” shows feelings of inferiority with hints of sarcasm. This entire album is likely to have a relatively even distribution of favorite songs among fans.

Ironically, the title track sounds the most like it could have been a song on the last album. An edgy track that speaks of indulgence and weakness, it shows that The Maine have not lost the ability to rock that they demonstrated on Forever Halloween. The other song with a significantly differing sound is “24 Floors,” a stripped down tune that discusses suicidal thoughts. It is utterly powerful, soul-shaking, and beautiful. The album concludes with “Another Night on Mars,” which may remind fans of the end track from Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, “We’ll All Be…” with the slow pace and singalong vibe.

Overall, American Candy is a great next step in the increasingly impressive evolution of The Maine. It is a return to form in terms of sound, but one that has them reaching levels they never did on Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop or Black & White. The band is demonstrating greater skills than ever, and seems much happier as well. Let’s hope The Maine continues making music at a level this high for a long time to come.


Words by Matthew Smith

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