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Taylor Swift Tells Fan She Is Not Her 'Mom'

Besides using her Tumblr as a way to connect with her fans, Taylor Swift has been known for using it as a learning tool. Swift thanked Tumblr users for keeping her hip to teen slang during one of her many Billboard Music Awards acceptance speeches earlier this month. Now, she's educating the masses.

A fan, Maddie, shared a video of her mother complaining that her daughter keeps calling Taylor "mom," which she doesn't totally appreciate, since, you know, she's Maddie's mom (even if she's a T-Swift fan, too).

Swift totally got the message, and replied with a sweet statement of her own: "Maddie," Swift wrote. "This is a passionate plea and I see her reasoning. Your mom birthed you. I was off playing in coffee houses. Your mom tended to you when you cried as a toddler. I drew lyrics on my arms and stomped around in cowboy boots while you cried in the night. Your mom taught you how to speak and read. I was like ‘come on! Let’s all have fun and jump around at this concert and paint our faces with glitter!’ So no, I have not earned the right to be referred to as your 'Mom’. I’m more like your crazy aunt. So you shall not call me 'Mom’. No, it’s Aunt Becky."

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