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ATP! Album Review: Hey Violet - I Can Feel It EP

After releasing one song and shortly after getting signed to 5 Seconds of Summer’s Hi or Hey record label and opening for them on tour, the LA four-piece finally released their highly anticipated EP, I Can Feel It. Their sound works perfectly with that of 5SOS -- catchy pop-rock reminiscent of the wonderful Hey Monday.

The title-track starts things off strong, with a chorus that would get people jumping around at shows, and sing-along oh-oh-ohs throughout. “Sparks Fly” begins softly and builds throughout to an awesomely strong ending. “Can’t Take Back the Bullet” and “You Don’t Love Me Like You Should” shift course from the earlier songs. With their edgier sound, epic guitars and a bit grittier vocals, vengeful Hey Violet might be the best yet.

It’s awesome to see another female-fronted band gaining traction, particularly one this good. They’re powerful, catchy, and a little gritty, bringing some life into the too-polished sound that a lot of music seems to have these days. Every song on this EP is strong and there’s none you can pick out as being lesser than the others. The songs all work wonderfully together, as well, each one having its own identity while still being part of a whole.

With only five songs, this EP packs a major punch and Hey Violet will only get better as they go. The band's sound is passionate and energetic and we can't wait to see what the future holds in store for them.


Words by Lauren Jones

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