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Heavens Post Update

Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba's side-project Heavens have posted an update on the band's myspace.

The update by Skiba's band mate Josiah Steinbrick said:

"Sorry, haven't logged on in a while.

Matt's itching to do a new record. I've sent him a few instrumentals, he sang some ideas he had for them. Not really sure when we'll have the time to actually put an album together and record it but it would be fun to spend no more than two weeks doing it. I'm feeling a very stripped down vibe.

So when it all happens it will probably come out on Epitaph with Vinyl Collective doing the wax.

I'll be honest though, no live shows or any of that. Just tunes. No t-shirt designs or videos. Could be fun.

Have a nice Fall (see you next trip?)


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