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The Morning Of Get Robbed

Newburgh band The Morning Of were recently robbed in. They have posted a blog on their myspace. The blog states:

"We got robbed...

Hey Everyone, its Abir here...and I'm going to be the bearer of bad news.

Here's the storyy....

Picture this...we end almost 2 months of touring with our best friends in the entire world, Breathe Carolina.
We go out for ice cream, say our sad goodbyes.
I drive through the night to Chicago.

We stay in our friends beautiful apartment on the 13th floor of an awesome building in Chicago...beautiful view. We're super stoked to have a couple days off before we start the Just Get Higher Tour with The Higher, Just Surrender, and The White Tie Affair.

So we wake up at around 1pm...Rob, Dan, and I go to the van to get some clothes and undies...
We come back take showers...
Everyone gets ready, and we go back to the van to add money to our parking...

And then we realize that the locks in our van have been completely pushed in and are non existent.
We look around and we see our tv is completely turned over...and then were like oh crap, they got into our van.
And then we realize that Justin and Jessica both got our laptops stolen, Dan and I both got our 80 gb classic ipods stolen, Chris got his 30 gb ipod stolen, Jess got a bag of clothes stolen...and our GPS system.

All in all we got robbed for about $4000. (Not including damages on our van..)
The worst part?
Our theft insurance doesn't cover loose items in the van. So none of our possessions are gonna be covered by insurance.

So lame.

Wanna know the icing cake?
Later that night, i got my thumb slammed in a window haha.
What a terrible day. (i won't name any names....ha)

At least Chicago is beautiful...
And Jessica's birthday is tomorrow!S
o we get to celebrate in the windy city!

Also, we hate asking for this, because all of you guys are so amazing to us as it is, coming out to our shows and being our friends.
And we want you to know we love you from the bottom of our hearts.
But anything you can help us with would be amazing.

We love you all so much, and you guys are the reason no matter what happens to us, we will always love playing music everyday for all of you :)

Abir TMO"
if you would like to donate to The Morning Of, visit's the band's blog here.

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