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Brody Dalle talks about Spinnerette's debut album

Brody Dalle has spoken about details of her new band(Spinnerette) upcoming debut album. The record is now finished and is slated for a release in the US in February.

'The state of the industry has pushed us into wanting to put the album out ourselves. I'm not interested in getting entangled into the system. I just got out of a deal and I walked out with my record, thank God, and I'm really grateful for that.

I started demoing with Alain (guitarist of Queens of the Stone Age) after I had my daughter in 2006. I was looking for a place to get my songs out of my head. I wrote a lot of the record on bass and worlitzer and the rest on guitar. One day Alain started writing stuff over my songs and it kind of was kismet - an accidental thing that turned into Spinnerette. And it got more exciting the more we went along. The first song we did was 'Cupid' and then we did 'Ghetto Love' and we both were just blown away.

Being a mother has changed my songwriting. My father died a year ago, and that influenced me as well. It's been like a firestorm the past couple of years…deaths and redemption, salvation, religious themes - it's all in there.'

The tracklisting of Spinnerette's debut album is:

'Ghetto Love'
'All Babes Are Wolves'
'Valim Knights'
'Bury My Heart'
'Distorting A Code'
'Rebellious Palpitations'
'Prescription For Man Kind'
'Sex Bomb''Cupid'
'Driving Song'

Spinnerette also have plans to tour the UK next year.

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