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Former Starting Line Member Announces New Album

Former Starting Line member Mike Golla has formed a new band called The Traded Series.

Mike said this about his new band:

"It's been a while since The Starting Line wound down. I have been really
busy with a new job and making up lost time with my family but that doesn't
mean that I am finished with music.

My friend Jack Kerrigan and I got together and wrote and recorded an EP that
we will release as soon as we finish up some loose ends. I really hope
everyone likes it. I know I sure do. I have a long standing respect for Jack
as an old friend and a talented musician(we go way back). We also brought
into the mix some other very talented people. There's Derek Zglenski (Ink
and Dagger/ Frail) playing bass and T.J. de Blois (Like Lions) on drums.
We're going to start playing shows as soon as we can, so make sure you come
check us out! In the mean time, check out our new song "Let Go". Hope you

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