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Feature: Tiger Please - 'They Don't Change Under The Moon Light' Track By Track Guide

This week Tiger Please release their superb EP, 'They Don't Change Under The Moon Light' on Walnut Tree Records. To hype up this great release, vocalist Leon has kindly given us a track by track of the EP.

'They Don't Change Under The Moonlight' by Tiger Please is available now on Walnut Tree Records and can be purchased here.

Strawberry Moon

'Strawberry Moon' is about beginning another day on the dole and not having enough money to go out and have a good time.On one of these days I bet my last £10 on a horse called Strawberry Moon and it won the race and i ended up having one of the best nights of my life. I drank Sailor Jerry rum all night and ended up in the middle of a mountain with no shoes on.So basically its about having cold feet about putting a bet on, then literally ending the night with cold feet. The song is about making the best of life with your closest friends.

The Armada

'The Armada' is about growing up and leaving school. You spend your whole childhood with people that speak to every day, then you leave school and you find it hard to hold a short conversation with them.

There's No Hero In Heroin

'There's No Hero in Heroin' is about our bassist, Jimmi, who wanted nothing more than too see his father for the first time in 9 years and have a Christmas with his whole family, but his sister is a drug addict and the moment it all happened, his sister had an overdose. It's song for everyone who's ever loved someone that abuse themselves with drugs, or anyone who's come from a broken family.

Without Country

'Without Country' is about wanting an escape and to better your life. The inspiration came speaking to an average man who spoke passionately to me about wanting his son to live a better life.

This Side of This Town

This is about where i come from-a place called Beddau, which translates to 'graves'. Around here everyone is expected to live the same life, and its about wanting to change all that.

Lights and Sound

This track is about a moment in my life 3 years ago when I came home to an empty house, and got the feeling that something wasn't right. Later on I got a phone call to find my family were at the hospital as my sister was 3 months premature in her pregnancy. The nurse told us to expect the worst.My first chance of being an uncle was about to be destroyed, but against all odds she survived and Rubie is now 3 years of age.

The whole record is simply about entering life and its ups and downs. It's about having the feeling of losing something, watching everyone dissapear, loving someone no matter what, wanting nothing more than to escape and better your life, and finally amongst all that depressing shit-sometimes you will have a good time and you will be grateful and feel loved. And if not-drink some Sailor Jerry!

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