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Live Review: Propagandhi, Protest The Hero, Strike Anywhere and Blackhole - The Coal Exchange, Cardiff - 02/12/09

This long night was kicked off by Hertfordshire punk-hardcore band Blackhole. In front of an audience completely inert. Vocalist Richard Carter decided to follow his brother Franki's path and go scream his words right in their faces. He spent the whole set walking among the crowd, while his band mates were rocking hard on stage. They put out a solid performance, even if it not suitable for such a big room.

The American five-piece, Strike Anywhere were next and were supporting their Bridge Nine debut 'Iron Front'. The set list (unfortunately for those who had seen them before) only include a few new tracks and focused on the act's classics, from 'Exit English'-era 'To The World' to 2006's hit 'Instinct'. The band is as energetic as always, frontman Thomas Barnett jumping up and down, his dreadlocks in the air, and constantly making the crowd participate. Unfortunately, they had to stop before playing their eternal closer 'Sunset On 32nd'.

Next Protest The Hero bring plenty of guitar solos and high-pitched screams. Singer Rody Walker is in great shape, continually making jokes and faces, even in the middle of the songs. As expected, metalheads were headbanging with happiness to the band's experimental metalcore while punkers were waiting aside, bored to death.

After a lengthy break, Propagandhi finally hit the stage for their first tour in the UK since the release of their acclaimed fifth full-length 'Supporting Caste'. The five Canadians veterans put everyone straight, metal and punk fans together, with a long set fairly mixing all of their records. Propagandhi follow no trends, the formula is clear and simple, they're here to make everyone move and have a good time. And it works. The encore will see the band play the Black Widow cover of 'Come To The Sabbath' (hidden track off their last effort) with the latter band's saxophone and flute player Clive Jones as special guest, all dressed up and apparently very happy to be here.

Romain Jeanticou

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